How Panda Global Helps Every Esports Player and Fan Be Better Content Creators

Engage by Hashtag Sports Q&A: The Panda Global team leverages UGC, original player content and Greenfly to drive esports fan engagement.

panda esports fan engagement

Engage by Hashtag Sports featured a Q&A with Josh “Jaaahsh” Marcotte. He’s the Global Director of Logistics and talent manager at Panda Global. Josh discussed how his team leverages user-generated content and original player content to drive esports fan engagement

Panda’s focus shifted to content creation during the pandemic. The organization relied on tools including Greenfly +Engage to stay connected with esports fans and collect fan-generated videos. 

“Our YouTube department has also benefited greatly from the tools available to us on Greenfly. Using an easy-to-create UCG campaign page, we regularly collect hundreds of high-quality video files from our fans showing off their best plays in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We’ve been able to collect around 1,000 clips from fans in only a few months. These clips have been featured all across our social media, and we even have a successful series of videos on our YouTube channel in which our players critique and react to the clips submitted!”

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