Analytics & Measurement

Social Media & Campaign Analytics

Measure Digital Media Impact

Understanding how your advocates are helping to build social engagement and brand awareness has never been easier. Greenfly’s dashboards and analytics reports equip you with critical intelligence to understand what’s working, what needs to be optimized, and the overall impact of advocate marketing on your marketing and business goals.

Greenfly reports and dashboards provide an overview of advocate activity, media distribution and inbound media flow for each Greenfly channel. Dashboards offer a detailed view of individual and group activities and fulfillment of requests and engagement with galleries on the Greenfly mobile app. You can download customized reports on any of this data; dashboard data is updated daily.

Understand Media Flow
  • Collected and aggregated media
  • Media workflows
  • Asset downloads & shares
  • Asset approvals
Monitor Advocate Activity
  • Advocate engagement
  • Overall content and gallery activity
  • Media sharing and creation
  • Task completion
Measure Social Media and Brand Impact
  • Social shares, impressions and engagements
  • Impact of specific social post share requests
  • Audience & follower growth
Measure the impact of advocacy marketing and track advocate activity with Greenfly.