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Sway Sentiment and Fight Misinformation With the Power of Digital Advocacy

Social causes and campaign managers know the power of social media advocacy. Leverage Greenfly to define the narrative and spread the word across social media and wherever discussions are happening on digital. Drive awareness without ad spend, and support small teams with automation. Tap your donors, staff, volunteers, surrogates and influencers to reach more people to amplify your message.

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With Greenfly, more than 80% of all surrogates shared digital content on social media.

See why campaigns & causes around the world use Greenfly.

Surrogate and Influencer Engagement

Augment and amplify existing social media and activation campaigns. Increase advocacy campaign reach and deeper connections through your surrogates’ and influencers’ honest endorsements. Go right to the people by distributing and collecting original digital media with these close advocates to share with their followers. Break through the noise of media and build a movement.

  • Boost social engagement by 50% or more — without paid social ads.
  • Capture original video that outperforms agency-created media in engagement.
  • Amplify messages to secure wider support and participation. 
Biden for President: Surrogate and Influencer Engagement
Capture media from the events & rallies on the road
Collect photos and videos from behind the podium

20 Ways To Increase Voter Engagement on Social Media

An eBook describing political campaign strategies to maximize organic reach and engagement on social media through influencer and surrogate advocacy

Original Content Sourcing

Gather and organize advocate-created media through the Greenfly app or collect user-generated content (UGC) from anyone through your website or your own custom mobile app. 

Empower staff, volunteers and advocates to take videos or photos according to a directed media brief for filming, including instructions, a script and a teleprompter. Build an evergreen supply of original, authentic and relevant promotional content to prompt more people to take action.

  • Quickly build a story bank of relevant, authentic content.
  • Develop meaningful, purpose-driven media with your most ardent supporters.
  • Expand your reach by quickly standing up UGC campaigns in a short timeframe. 
  • Maintain royalty-free, unlimited use media rights on all submitted content.
Win votes by empowering micro-influencers
Man with megaphone at political rally

Social Advocacy

Share and track approved content with surrogates, micro-influencers and coalition partners. Respond rapidly within a private communication network. Amplify campaign messages and fight misinformation with social media advocacy campaigns and never miss a beat. Even collect the original stories of their advocacy in action.

  • Increase awareness by tapping into the social networks of your existing supporters.
  • Remotely direct advocates to easily create and submit high-quality media in the field.
  • Communicate more efficiently with field teams and other advocates on the go.

Event Promotion

Remotely direct supporters and staff to create and submit their first-person original media while events are still happening. Tap advocates to capture images, video clips and sound bites from events to distribute nationally or globally. Optimize event investments with more original content for owned digital channels and amplify through your supporters.

  • Give followers access to candid and exclusive moments beyond typical event coverage. 
  • Build an asset library to use and repackage favorite clips.
  • Drive excitement for upcoming initiatives.
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Political campaigns in Canada and Europe

“Insider” Content Feeds for Donors

Bring your high-value donors closer to your mission and goals by regularly sharing exclusive, curated content with them to enjoy. Distribute approved content to them and track their social sharing activity. Build capacity by enabling donors to refer more donors and accelerate your fundraising efforts. 

  • Give donors access to exclusive content and experiences.
  • Assemble an array of donation examples to support future fundraising. 
  • Build support for social media all types of campaigns. 
Greenfly is the leader in digital advocacy for political organizations, NGOs and social causes worldwide.