The Greenfly Platform

Deliver Short-Form
Digital Content to Anyone

Greenfly is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that organizations rely on as their digital media nerve center. The software platform and versatile mobile app enable the collection, organization and real-time distribution of short-form digital media — from anywhere to anyone.

Greenfly’s cloud-based software is an end-to-end digital media orchestration and workflow system. It centralizes digital asset access and communication for dozens (or thousands!) of end users.

Users can access media galleries on their mobile devices in the Greenfly mobile app, and can quickly share it on their social media accounts. They can also create their own original photos & videos and quickly submit those back to the organization.

Greenfly Platform Diagram
Greenfly software automates the real-time exchange of short-form media to and from individuals and groups of any size.
Media <br/>Collection


Content <br/>Distribution


Sharing <br/>on Social Media

on Social Media

Crowdsourcing Media <br/>& UGC Collection

Crowdsourcing & UGC Collection

Private Group <br/>Communications

Private Group

Media <br/>Analytics


Remote <br/>Media Creation

Media Creation

Mobile <br/>App


For Any Organization: Starting Small or Going Big

The Greenfly platform was designed to handle the needs of large, multi-tiered enterprise sports & entertainment organizations, but it is easy to use for small teams. Digital marketers, creatives, and social media staff can organize media from dozens of sources, and provide access to some or all of it in seconds. Shared Greenfly galleries can be organized and accessed through desktop or mobile apps. Larger organizations can manage multiple “channels” (separate streams of content for each team, show, sponsor or broadcaster) ensuring the right media always goes to the right partner.

This multi-tier structure meets the needs of leagues, teams and athletes as well as TV networks, shows and talent.

Greenfly Sofware Is Enterprise-Grade Digital Media Infrastructure

  • Centralized cloud access
  • Tens of millions of assets
  • Tens of thousands of users
  • Multiple channels, unlimited galleries
  • Works with existing storage systems & software
  • Enables internal & external content exchange
  • Directly connects to all major social platforms
  • Manages multiple parallel workflows
  • GDPR compliant
  • SOC2 audited
  • SSO-enabled
  • A dedicated customer success manager for every customer
  • Technical support, training, best practices
  • Easy and fast user onboarding & activation