Greenfly for Esports

Greenfly for Esports

Centralize and Streamline Media Workflow With Greenfly

Esports organizations know that fan engagement with professional gamers and content creators on digital channels is driving the future of gaming. Greenfly’s workflow automation and media exchange software platform powers the digital marketing programs for some of the world’s biggest esports leagues, teams and competitions.

Greenfly mobile app for messaging and sharing videos on social media
Greenfly for esports - digital media workflow
Chris Sloane, Social & Programming, G2 Esports
Looking at where we were a year ago versus where we are now with Greenfly, it’s like moving from the Stone Age into the Digital Age.

Chris Sloane, Head of Social and Programming
G2 Esports

Centralize Content Operations

Empower Live Content Creators

  • Save hours of time by automating a centralized workflow
  • Greenfly enables the capture and collection of real-time media from team staffers at events
  • Content can be organized, curated and automatically distributed to any individual or group
  • Capitalize on momentum across social media as live events unfold
leverage award-winning athletes to amplify esports team promotions

User-Generated Content (UGC)

  • Seamlessly collect fan content for creator reaction videos
  • Obtain the rights to content the moment it’s received
  • Easily build and manage your library of UGC

Connect with Photographers, Integrate with DAMs

  • Eliminate the mess of texts, email chains and cloud storage links
  • Centralize tracking of media downloads and the impact of social shares
  • Aggregate new content from just about any storage or video production system
  • Automatically route, organize and distribute photos and videos to shared gallieries
G2 athlete - Greenfly for esports makes this all possible.

Increase Sponsor Revenue

Streamline Sponsored Posting Across Your Organization

  • Prompt content creators and pro gamers to share, respond to, and create media featuring sponsors
  • Leverage athletes in mistake-free sponsored campaigns
  • Provide full posts to content creators and pro gamers, or precise instructions for them to create their own
Shared social media post from G2 Esports
black and red labeled sponsored products
G2 Esports team - sponsored athlete
eSports sponsor G-Fuel

Curate Digital Media Galleries for Every Sponsor

  • Easily create and distribute sponsored content
  • Prompt athletes to share, respond to, and create media featuring sponsors
  • Activate brand partnerships across digital channels and measure the results

Activate Athletes

Make It Easy To Share, Request, and Repost Video Content

  • Share media assets with pro gamers and content creators so they can share on social media
  • Leverage team members in merch, marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Reduce friction and empower team members to promote and endorse your organization by enabling easy access to content
  • Leverage the reach of your content creators as you would owned channels
EA Sports Tournament

Provide Curated Galleries

  • Reduce friction and empower athletes to promote and endorse your organization by enabling easy access to content
  • Leverage the reach of your athletes as you would owned channels

Get Robust Analytics

  • Monitor campaigns and track engagement stats from social posting
  • Measure improvement, month over month
Greenfly is the leader in short-form media exchange for teams and leagues around the world. See how the Greenfly platform can work for you.

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