UGC Crowdsourcing

UGC Engagement. It’s Amazing.

User-generated content (UGC) engages audiences, gives your brand authenticity, and speaks about your products and services through the first-hand experiences of your happiest advocates. Collecting UGC has never been easier with Greenfly +Engage. Crowdsourcing is better than searching for user-generated content — and automatically includes permission to use UGC as you wish.

Get Better UGC.

Rewrite the rules around UGC. Greenfly +Engage enables you to ask your fans and customers for specific, purpose-created photos and/or videos that match your exact requirements – and every UGC submission includes all the permissions you’ll ever need to edit and share. You end up with the exact photos or videos you need for your campaign. Your fans will feel even closer to your brand as they create that original content – just for you!

Greenfly +Engage enables you to leverage UGC and bring audience engagement to the next level, It gives your supporters an easy way to submit original photos and videos directly to you through a custom webpage you control and can embed in your website or mobile app.

Greenfly +Engage empowers organizations to easily collect original UGC media submissions from anyone who can access that webpage, including fans, followers or any member of the public.

Submitted UGC content always includes perpetual usage rights to edit or distribute media as desired, royalty-free.

Media can be submitted on a custom, branded web page or through an embeddable widget hosted on your website or in your custom mobile app. 

  • Crowdsource original media and leverage the creativity of your audience, fans and customers to create amazing media.
  • Easily collect thousands of user-generated content (UGC) submissions purpose-created for your campaign needs.
  • Capture the authentic stories of fans, customers and followers.
  • Host branded UGC creation campaigns on your brand’s own website or in your custom mobile app.
  • Automatically organize media submissions for review and approvals.
  • Use UGC content any way you want: all submissions include the transfer of perpetual, license-free usage rights.
  • Collect user data with every submission for your CRM or mailing list, to notify winners, and let your fans know where they can reshare their own media.

Host Campaigns on Owned Platforms

Control the look and feel of each and every UGC campaign, provide specific instructions, and even integrate partners and sponsors. Collect contact information and email addresses to build lists and notify winners.

Collect Any Size UGC Media Files

Fans can easily submit photos or videos from their computer or mobile device in just a few taps. Collect name and address along with the submission to notify contest winners, or add to your mailing list. There’s no issue with compression or loss of quality with file sizes up to 1GB.

Organize Submissions Automatically

All user-generated media submissions can be reviewed immediately in Greenfly, giving your team an efficient workflow and approval solution. All assets are searchable and accessible to any Greenfly user in the organization. UGC assets can be exported anytime or downloaded for editing so you can refine, create compilations and use for other promotional campaigns or testimonials, or distribute to your ambassadors through Greenfly or your community through social media.

Easily crowdsource UGC with Greenfly +Engage.