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Switch On Your Full Broadcast Potential

Media rights holders and their broadcast partners are looking for new ways to expand their digital presence and reach younger audiences.

Empower your broadcast partners to unlock these hard-to-reach audiences in their region. Empower partners to promote your sports property on digital channels to boost viewership and ratings.

Greenfly software creates new media rights opportunities that add value and increase revenue.

Connecting With
Digital Audiences
Is Harder Than Ever

Linear broadcasts still deliver the primary live event experience. But younger fans now expect to connect with their favorite sports and leagues on digital platforms — first.

Delivering a great fan experience means engaging fans continuously on every digital channel — in their region and language.

Syndicating short-form digital media for promotions that resonate on digital channels is a huge challenge. Video highlights simply aren’t enough. MAMs and other broadcast systems weren’t built for scale. The only way to distribute thousands of digital assets in real-time is with intelligent automation.

Power Continual Audience Engagement

Help your rights holders find new audiences by providing a new package of digital media rights. They can use authentic, made-for-social digital assets to attract new audiences for both TV and OTT.

Leading sports rights holders are now including “digital media rights” as an add-on or part of premium rights packages. These licenses are already helping them generate incremental revenue and add more value.

When you share authentic and original short-form content that captures the real experience of being at the event with broadcasters, magical things happen with engagement.

  • Engage regional
    Gen Z audiences.
  • Engage viewers
    between events.
  • Drive more
    broadcast tune-in.
  • Stand out from
    competing options.

Greenfly Delivers

You can capture content from 10 TV cameras with existing systems, then add digital content from 1,000 mobile phones with Greenfly.

With Greenfly’s scalable content workflows, you can capture and aggregate photos and videos from live events. Greenfly can automate the delivery of these bite-sized digital photos and videos and automatically share with dozens or hundreds of broadcasters in real time.

Run your own live content creation program for every game, match or race. Source digital media on and off the field with creators, team photographers, freelancers, official media services, and even the fans themselves.

Boost Media Rights Revenue

Increase the value of rights deals by adding premium digital packages.

Deliver Real-time Media

Syndicate a fully indexed and searchable library of short-form assets.

Empower On-air Talent

Turn hosts, pundits and other talent into influencers for their shows.

Deliver Intimate Moments

Share authentic, behind-the-scenes moments with partners to bring venue experiences to life.

Scale Content Sources

Go from a few expensive cameras to thousands of HD content sources.

Free Up Staff Time

Automate media organization with AI while live events are happening.

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