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In the Creator Economy, Digital Marketing Takes a Village

Consumer brand marketers know that “owned” organic social media reach only goes so far; building brand loyalty requires more. Greenfly’s brand ambassador management software will help you activate ambassadors, advocates and influencers at scale. Ask them to source video and photos, and share brand-approved media with all of them – directly on their mobile devices. Empower your brand ambassadors to build human engagement and promote your brand on social media.

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Ambassador Program Management

Automate the management of dozens (or thousands) of ambassadors to support your brand ambassador program. Harness both their creativity and social reach with the leading software solution to help centrally manage them and keep track of activity and social media impact. Leverage the power of advocacy marketing on social media and ensure every ambassador has shareable on-message media, and can co-create media for brand promotion.

  • Get your brand in front of more consumers, faster. 
  • Build strong customer relationships through your most loyal supporters’ authentic media.
  • Enjoy intellectual property rights on all media.
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UGC Creation and Collection Campaigns

Activate and direct consumers or creators to capture and submit photos and videos for your social and other digital channels. Greenfly’s brand ambassador software empowers you to Integrate a branded page into your website or mobile app; provide instructions and collect media for easy organization and review. No more searching endlessly through hashtags: get better media, the media you need — when you need it — for brand posts, videos and commercial ads.

  • Give customers an easy way to participate in and commemorate big brand moments.
  • Eliminate expensive studio and agency production costs. 
  • Get full transfer of intellectual property rights on submitted media.
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Unlock the Power of Your Ambassadors

Bring your ambassador or influencer program to the next level — collect the most engaging content and benefit from personal endorsements from the people who love to love your brand.

Event Activation

Gather photos and videos from events across multiple sources. Tap ambassadors to upload media from launch events and trade shows. Conduct behind-the-scenes interviews, capture sound bites, and more. Trim production costs and get the most out of your event investments with more original content to use across digital channels.

  • Give followers access to candid and exclusive moments beyond typical event coverage. 
  • Build an asset library to use and repackage favorite clips.
  • Drive excitement for upcoming campaigns. 
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