Media Aggregation

Media Collection & Aggregation

Greenfly +Connect is an optional add-on that enables you to aggregate and import media assets directly from third-party media sources into the Greenfly platform. After import, these assets can be automatically organized, routed, and shared in galleries with individuals or groups using tags and metadata maintained from each source.

  • Provide individuals or groups with immediate access to media from just about anywhere.
  • Save time — eliminate manual import and organization completely.
  • Maintain all source metadata and keep each asset searchable for users.

Unlock Your Digital Inventory

Organizations typically have digital assets locked away in department-managed silos. Greenfly +Connect aggregates those hidden assets and enables them to be shared with advocates, anywhere.

Even better, sharing can be 100% automated, so new media is automatically detected then routed to the appropriate gallery without any human intervention. Assets are organized based on simple rules you define and can edit or change at any time.

+Connect Integrations

Here are examples of Greenfly +Connect integrations.
We’re continually creating new integrations — if you don’t see your system below, let us know!

Digital Asset Management Systems 

Licensed Media Services

Content Production Platforms

Cloud and Server-Based File Storage Systems

Dropbox photo sharing
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