The Los Angeles Dodgers Co-Create Media With Fans To Celebrate Championship

The Los Angeles Dodgers harnessed the power of UGC so their passionate fans could celebrate their 2020 World Series winning moment together — even at home.

Los Angeles Dodgers with Greenfly +Engage diptych photo about increasing baseball fan engagement.

As the World Series champion Los Angeles Dodgers get ready for Opening Day and a promising new Major League Baseball season, their fans are more connected to the club than ever.

Eager ticket holders will soon start to fill some stadium seats again. And the team is tapping into 2020 trends and successes to increase baseball fan engagement even more this year. Sports marketers in baseball and beyond know how critical original, user-generated content has become in keeping diehard supporters engaged with their favorite teams and players — particularly in this past year of empty venues.

The Dodgers digital staff knew that co-creating media with fans was a perfect way to let them collectively share in the team’s historic 2020 championship moment. They couldn’t be there in person or participate in a post-championship ticker-tape parade with “The Boys in Blue.” The team used Greenfly +Engage to collect and highlight fans’ emotional, at-home reactions to their World Series victory. Within days of the win, they set up a Dodgers-branded, mobile-friendly web page to capture fans’ video submissions.


Collected 4,000+ UGC videos (and fan contact details)

The Dodgers received over 4,000 reaction videos from fans and families celebrating the club’s title at home. Most of these clips came within the first 24 hours of their initial outreach. Collecting and evaluating that many fan videos in such a short window would have been impossible with other digital tools.

The team edited select clips into a 90-second compilation video and launched it across the Dodgers’ social channels within days of the final World Series game. The team’s legions of followers enjoyed this content while the big win was still top of mind. And they can continue to replay that moment for years to come.

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