Greenfly Powers Social Media Matchday Feed for the DFL Bundesliga

DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga launched a new Social Media Matchday Feed to amplify live global media distribution.

DFL Social Match Day Feed and woman using Greenfly on mobile phone

Savvy sports marketers now know that sports fans (particularly younger fans) respond to unique, original content captured specifically for social media rather than repurposed video broadcast clips. 

DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, the governing body of the top football league in Germany, the Bundesliga, is leading the way on that front by bringing authentic, in-stadium European football media direct to fans – as well as to rights-holding broadcasters and sponsors. They have recalibrated sports media operations with their innovative ‘Social Media Matchday Feed’ powered by Greenfly. 

The new, match-specific Matchday Feed enable the DFL digital team and every club’s dedicated social media reporter to create exclusive and authentic in-stadium content before, during and after every match. That digital media inventory is automatically organized by Greenfly to create valuable digital media inventory. Bundesliga can distribute it seamlessly in real-time to the 36 Bundesliga clubs, and over 60 international media partners, who can deliver it to fans everywhere.

The Social Media Matchday Feed delivers more value to DFL partners, and the media is more personal, authentic, and captures the up-close experience of the thrill of live matches. The framework for centralized quality assurance and distribution consists of a content management system (CMS) custom-developed for DFL by Greenfly.

DFL - Bundesliga

Automated syndication of digital assets to 50+ broadcasters

With this transformed media workflow, DFL can now bring together its entire content ecosystem seamlessly to create large volumes of high-quality and relevant, social-first content faster. Getty Images media, authentic stadium moments and more are organized and accessible in one central hub for routing so social media teams can quickly select and deliver the best content for the right time and channel.

“In a very short turnaround time, we’ve created over 30 million impressions already on content pieces that have been created on top of our normal content production.”

— Andreas Heyden, CEO of DFL Digital Sports GMBH

The league can now pull in content and apply intelligent routing and curation tools to move media in around one minute from the pitch to whoever needs to access it for social channels. This speed is critical for driving excitement and keeping engagement around an event and optimizing the impact, reach and efficacy of a particular piece of content.

This advancement has also helped DFL liberate stadium areas that normally have restricted access to camera equipment and unlock matchday moments to create relevant content faster. It has also helped the league enable social team creativity to build new insights, and understand how different types of content perform in different environments.

Andreas Heyden, CEO of DFL Digital Sports GMBH, joined Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner for an engaging discussion on the use and expansion of the Social Media Matchday Feed that you can watch here.

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