Greenfly Partners With Blinkfire To Provide Actionable Analytics for Sponsors

Greenfly Binkfire analytics dashboard screen
Channel data and analytics for league, team and player social accounts will be available directly in the Greenfly platform

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — February 7, 2023  —  Greenfly, the leader in real-time digital media management software, and Blinkfire, the leading sponsorship intelligence and marketing analytics platform, today announced a strategic partnership that will enhance Greenfly’s suite of digital media workflow management services with the addition of Blinkfire’s powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. 

Greenfly’s sports customers now have a comprehensive software platform that will provide partnership and sponsor teams pivotal analytics to gain deeper insight into the value of digital reach, impressions and engagement across social media accounts and social platforms. This includes official team and league impact as well as the influence of athletes, staff, ambassadors and players.

“I’m excited about our partnership with Greenfly because it makes both platforms better for customers,” Blinkfire CEO and Co-founder Steve Olechowski said “Greenfly customers can now get accurate and timely metrics across social media channels when posted directly from their platform. Joint Blinkfire and Greenfly customers can now track, search, and report on sponsorship impact and extra value delivered from using Greenfly to distribute content to their athletes, influencers, and creators.”

Greenfly customers can now access detailed social media metrics from Blinkfire through Greenfly’s management interface. With a click, users can access the Blinkfire platform’s automated, real-time post and valuation engine to quantify Greenfly’s impact. 

“My team uses Blinkfire and Greenfly daily to do our jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Becca Genecov, Social Media Manager of the Dallas Mavericks. “Having the two platforms partner allows us to access much richer data at the touch of a button. The integration enables us to track the success of not only our content but also our players’ content as well. We love analytics when it comes to social media impact, so we are excited for the Greenfly and Blinkfire integration to make our lives easier and further quantify fan engagement.”

“This partnership will enable sports organizations that use Greenfly to demonstrate more clearly, including in monetary terms, the value and impact of their activity on social channels to executives as well as partners and sponsors,” Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner said. “Blinkfire offers an in-depth look into the performance of an organization’s digital presence, including estimating the real advertising value of every social post. Early feedback from our customers is that they’re excited about this integration and how easy it is to measure the effectiveness of their entire social footprint as activated by Greenfly.” 

Greenfly works with sports leagues, associations, and teams around the world to power real-time digital media collection and distribution with its AI-powered organization engine. Leagues like the NBA, NHL and MLB all count on Greenfly for “all-access” content collection at games, and real-time distribution to broadcasters, staff, and activation of digital sponsorship programs. 

Blinkfire works with teams, leagues, federations, agencies, and brands providing the most-accurate, real-time sponsorship valuation. Teams from leagues like the NBA, NHL, LaLiga, and NWSL rely on Blinkfire’s patented, proprietary AI and computer vision technology for pricing and valuing social and digital content. 

Greenfly’s SaaS platform enables photographers and staff to upload photos and videos at live events directly to the league’s social media teams for real-time access. Personal media galleries are also created for each player at each game, giving them access to the best moments of their performance to share directly with their fans. And now with the Blinkfire partnership, post engagements, impressions, sponsorships and equivalent market value is quantified for every media asset that is shared. 

About Blinkfire 

Blinkfire, the leading sponsorship intelligence and marketing analytics platform, evaluates sports, esports, media, and entertainment sponsorships across social media, digital, broadcast, and Advanced TV. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and proprietary, patented computer vision technology, Blinkfire measures media value and impact – allowing rights holders, players, influencers, agents, and brands to better engage their fans and sponsors across multiple platforms. Many of the world’s top teams and leagues rely on Blinkfire’ real-time, always-on platform for sports and entertainment sponsorship evaluation. 

About Greenfly 

Greenfly, the leader in short-form digital content orchestration, empowers sports and entertainment organizations to automate the continuous flow of short-form digital media from collection to distribution. The company’s award-winning software platform and mobile app enable organizations to transform their athletes, partners, sponsors and broadcasters into social media promoters to fully realize the value of their digital assets. Founded in 2014, Greenfly is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices across the U.S. and Europe.