Melissa Rosenberg opens up to Premiere regarding her work, life and of course, Twilight. Melissa talked in detail on how she got the project of writing the script of Twilight, on how she envisioned the movie in her head when writing script and of course, a woman script writer in a male dominated field. Here is an excerpt:

So did you end up reading the books before you met with Summit about the adaptation?
I did not read any of the books besides Twilight itself, because the adaptation was supposed to be of the first book. In fact, I didn’t read them until I was done with the script because I wanted to approach the screenplay for Twilight as any reader or audience member would. I wanted to stay true to the first book; I didn’t want to leak what happens next. For example, Jacob in the first book is very different from Jacob in New Moon or the other books, so I wanted the movie version of Twilight to be a complete story on its own. But I was nervous going into that first meeting because the director, Catherine Hardwicke, was going to be there and I’m a big fan. But I was confident because my take was that it was a great book and that we should stick to the book as our bible. And I think that’s what they were hoping for because there was actually an earlier version at Paramount that they threw out. I remember Stephenie saying it was a great script; it just had nothing to do with the book. And with a project like this, you can’t really veer away from the book. So my pitch was to stay close to the book but really shape it into a movie.

So how did you really shape it into a movie?
Well, in the book there’s a lot of rich internal dialogue, [but] it’s really in Bella’s head. It’s hard to do that in a movie. And I wanted the movie to be from Bella’s perspective, but at first I really struggled with how to get into her head without using voiceover. A lot of it meant making her have conversations with others in which that internal dialogue could be externalized. It was really about unfolding how she figures out that Edward is a vampire. Who could she have that conversation with? I think I was pretty successful in doing that.

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