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Kristine Stewart was included in WWD Lifestyle feature called Girls of Fall: Autumn’s Crop of Enchanting Entertainers, where she was quoted that she didnt think Twilight would be this big.

“I sort of figured it would always stay like a cult movie, because Catherine Hardwicke directs good indies. It seemed like it would be not that big of a deal. It has turned out to be the opposite.

She also talked about becoming an actor and on why she has put college/university on hold for the moment. Click on the link to read the whole article.

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Peter Facinelli was ineterviewed recently by MTV during the upcoming release of the 10th year anniversary  DVD release of his break out movie, Can’t Hardly Wait. The former Hollywood teen heartthrob talked about his latest movie where he revealed he was not the first choice to play Carlisle. Here is an excerpt:

MTV: Did you do anything crazy for your “Twilight” audition?

Facinelli: It wasn’t crazy, but I’ll tell you what I did: I was reading for Carlisle, and I read ["Twilight"] in a day and absolutely loved the book. I went in and read for [director] Catherine [Hardwicke], and I did a good job, and Catherine had a small list of actors that she wanted to play the role. Unfortunately, the role didn’t go to me.

MTV: Really?

Facinelli: Yeah, when the role went to someone else, I was pretty bummed, but I really liked Catherine. I owned a vampire book that [depicted] 50 years of vampire moviemaking throughout the years in Hollywood. It was an old-school book. I sent it to Catherine just to say, “Hey, maybe this can inspire you while doing the movie,” thinking that the role was done and gone. But the other actor was working on another movie and couldn’t do ["Twilight"], so when it was time to go back to the short list, Catherine was looking at my book. She was like: “What about Peter Facinelli?” As I’ve told Catherine, I bought my way into “Twilight” for $29.90.

Click on the link to read the whole interview.

Also, Christine Champ at has written an article exploring the budget of Twilight. Was the film budget of Twilight be enough to bring the movie to life and capture the hearts and imagination of the moviegoers like the books did. Click on the link to read the whole article.

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Cam Gigandet is in The Movie Fanatic’s Top 50 Hottest Young Actors. He just made it to the Top 50, landing on the #50 spot. Here is what they have to say about Cam:

Top 50 status: First time on the top 50 list.

Biggest role so far: As James, in Twilight. The major antagonist of the novel Twilight, James is depicted as a merciless “tracker” vampire who hunts human beings or, in some cases, animals, for sport. James is described as unusually gifted at what he does and always gets what he wants, though it is later revealed that a then-human Alice Cullen escaped his clutches some time ago by being turned into a vampire before James could attack. Unlike the Cullen family, he drinks human blood as his food source

Why he made the list: He maybe the villain in the upcoming Twilight, but Cam Gigandet has the looks and the talent to play the lead. The 26-year old actor just grabbed six new feature films come 2009. One of them is the much-anticipated Kid Cannabis, a drama based on the true story of Nate Norman, a 19-year-old Idahoan who grew a multi-million dollar marijuana operation by smuggling the herb into the U.S. from British Columbia. Gigandet will also join Bruce Willis, Channing Tatum and Woody Harrelson in Oliver Stone’s Pinkville. These two features would certainly give Gigandet the extra mileage on his quest to become one of Hollywood’s most bankable young stars.

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Robert Pattinson has won Best Actor in a Feature Film at the Strasbourg International Film Festival. He won for his role as Art in the film, How to Be.

Also, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper Hale is going to be in the film , Dread. The film will be a horrort flick and you can read more about it in here.

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Film School Rejects has listed Twilight as oen of its 10 Remaining Must See Movies of 2008. Here is what they have to say about Twilight:

Yeah, I know that it’s a teenie-bopper movie. It is all over the programming schedule of MTV and it looks like it could play on The CW, but Twilight is more than just another teen romance, it is becoming a pop culture phenomenon in the same way that Harry Potter did back in the early 2000s. Aside from that, I hear that the book is actually pretty good, no matter who you are. So prepare yourself for the brooding and the vampy sap-story, because you really shouldn’t miss Twilight when it hits theaters.

Also, Stephenie meyer’s books still continues to be in the best seller lists. Though it was bump off the no.1 spot, the Twilight books are still in the Top 10 spots. Here the best seller lists from USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Ebooks.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are among the Hollywood’s young stars that are listed at AOL’s Hottest Hollywood Actors under 25. Kristen came in at #9 while Robert came in at #23. Robert’s former Potter actors Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson also made into the list. Here is what they have to say about Robert and Kristen.

To view the complete list, click on the link above.

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While attending Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood Party, Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner talked to MTV regarding the rehoots they have made for the film. Nikki confirmed the earlier statement made by Rob, Kellan and Peter, that they are shooting some flashback scenes. Taylor on the other hand reconfirmed the prom scene. To read more on what they have said, click on the link above.

We have reported yesterday of an interview made by Peter Facinelli aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen, where he talked about Twilight. The news post was re-edited and new images where added which includes a new one for Twilight. It gives us a first glimpse of Dr. Carlisle Cullen at work, after Edward brought Bella to the hospital.

Also, thanks to, we now have Hi-res image of the released Twilight Movie Images courtesy of Film Web. Click on the link to view it.

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The Movie Fanatic has an article assessing the acting abilities of Robert Pattinson. Best known for his role as the pretty boy Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films, Robert Pattinson’s career is now heating up as he secured the role of Edward Cullen, Stephenie Meyer’s romantic vampire lead. But aside from his beautiful face, Robert also packs a punch of a talent that can be seen in his other films such as How to Be and the upcoming Little Ashes. Here is some what TMF has to say about Robert:

Best role: Art in How To Be. What sort of criteria do I use to rate an actor? I guess it has to do with his ability to enter a character and be credible while portraying that character.

In Oliver Irving’s How To Be, Robert plays Art, a young guy who is simply clueless on how to survive and live a life independently. If you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson, this is definitely one of his most important roles to date. Many would have to say we only recognize Pattinson in his Harry Potter role, but as you watch this movie, you’ll see a different character emerging. This is not the charming, confident wizard who competes for a prize. This is a young, insecure, often clumsy individual who has nowhere to go, no girlfriend and no real prospect for the future.

I would be a hypocrite if I am not anticipating his role in Twilight. Definitely, his role as Edward Cullen would provide him with more than a leverage when it comes to getting those elusive, powerhouse Hollywood scripts…

Click on the link to read the whole article.

Also, in its weekly buzz poll, TMF has listed Robert Pattinson as the 2nd most buzzed about male actor for the week.

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Another Twilight Convention is coming soon. Literature-Inspired Fandom Events, Inc. is proud to bring you Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium. This event is slated to happen on the 25- 25 June 2009 at Forks, Washington.

The event is inspired by the world created by Stephenie Meyer and allows fans to explore that first hand. Fans of the book over 14 years of age are invited for 3 days of Summer School Fun. There will be activities in store such as discussions, debates,tours as well as a prom inspired event to be held at the actual Forks High School Gymnasium.

To learn more about the event, click on the link above.

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The huggable, playful yet fierce vampire takes center stage on this edition of Twilight Tuesday. He is known as Edward’s big brother and the mate of Rosalie: Emmett Cullen. The character is played by Kellan Lutz, who described him as the protector and brings fun into the family. Click on the link to see what Kellan has to say about Emmett, on the role he plays in the Cullen family as well as the scenes he looks forward to in making.

Also, remember the time when he said about fans coming into his room? He explains that incident further and how he reacted to it.

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In an interview with the New York Post Blog, Peter Facinelli spoke about his career, movies and of course, Twilight. The hotly anticipated vampire romance comes out this November, with Facinelli playing the fater figure of the vampire coven, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Here is an excerpt:

PW: Your next movie “Twilight” has a lot of devout fans - did that make you nervous?
Peter: When we first started filming, absolutely. But I think they’ll all be really happy with the finished result. I saw some of it the other day and it’s so beautiful. I love the look of the film and Catherine [Hardwicke, the director] has the most amazing vision. She’s made a very artistic film and combined it with a very commercial piece.

PW: So it doesn’t look like “Harry Potter,” then?
Peter: It’s not CGI-ed to the max, we’re not trying to be anything but “Twilight” and I think it’s going to be great. I just hope the fans are happy because it’s difficult when you have a specific vision in your head about a book.

PW: You sport a very different look as Carlisle Cullen - bleach blond hair - do you like it? Peter: When I first went blond, I didn’t think it was working, but it looks so good on film. That’s the other thing about Catherine - she’s like my wife in the sense that she can go into a bare home and visualize what it’s going to look like just from the foundation. Catherine can look at you and see the character within, you don’t have to walk into the room looking like them. She’ll take care of that.

PW: Are you guys already thinking sequels or just going one day at a time?
Peter: For me, I take everything one day at a time. With all the excitement, I’m just hoping people show up and want more. I would love to be part of more “Twilight” films - I had such a great time on this one.

To read the whole interview, click on the link above.

Also, Tonner has announced that it will also make character figures of Twilight. Here is their released statement:

Firm to produce collectible character figures in support of feature film’s November 21, 2008 release

Tonner Doll Company, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high-end collectible dolls and figures, has been granted the license for character figures based on the much-anticipated movie from Summit Entertainment, TWILIGHT, which arrives in theatres nation-wide on November 21, 2008.

To read more, click on the link above.

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Lily Collins wrote in her blog about the Twilight cast having a photo session for In Style in her backyard. She wrote a bit about the shoot and how professional everyone were. To read more about it, click on the link.

Also, Summit has confirmed through, that Robert’s article in Interview Magazine will go on sale soon. Robert is featured as their “View Guy” of the month in their October issue. Be sure to grab a copy in your nearest stores.

Lastly, the popularity of the Twilight books has catapulted tourism in Forks, Washington. Fans of the books flock into the quiet town as they tour the world of their favorite chracters. This has driven local business to take advantage of this fame, offering guided tours to their guests as well offering “Twilight” in their local menus. People are fascinated with the small town, as its ambience and setting really captures the setting in the books. Read more about it by clicking on the link.

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The Movie Fanatic has a preview of the fall/winter movies and it has a short preview for Twilight.


Bella (Kristen Stewart) is a teenage misfit who falls for a mysterious boy Edward (Robert Pattinson) in school who happens to belong to a lineage of vampires. He fights to protect her from his family, who has come for her.

Why you should care: Hear that deafening fever pitch? That is Twilight mania – and it wont be stopped. Fans will hate the comparison, but Twilight is shaping up to be the next Harry Potter franchise. With hoards of die-hard fans probably already waiting in line, this is all but guaranteed to be one of the biggest money makers of the season with eventual sequels almost a lock.

Why it could suck: With very few exceptions, there hasn’t been a good vampire movie in ages. It’s enormous fan base aside, it will be interesting to see how this movie plays to non-fans. Or if it even matters.

Also, Mike Welch had a short interview with Portrait Magazine where he talked about his Twilight audition and shooting scenes for the film. Here is a preview:

So you’re going to play the part of Mike Newton in Twilight. What was the audition process like?
Well I originally auditioned for Edward, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m really glad I didn’t get it! I was never quite right for it, mainly because Edward is described as unearthly beauty and that’s not quite a responsibility I want and not one I think I can pull off. But that’s fine you know. I think Robert is the perfect man. So I first auditioned as Edward. Then they had me come back as Eric and I had a lot of fun with it. At this point, I hadn’t read the books so I was just reading what I was given. And finally Mike just seemed to be a perfect fit. The decent, likeable, athletic guy who has a crush on a girl who he doesn’t have an equal shot with. I think that’s someone many people can relate to. In the audition, we had a mix and match session, which is when all the potential people who are up for a role get together in a room and they try to determine which group of people has the best chemistry. I’m glad they kept bringing me back until they found the role for me!

In the mix and match, did you get put with Kristen, Robert etc?
Robert wasn’t there…I did work with Kristen and Justin Chong though. It was really awkward though. It’s strange in that situation when there are about 5 people in the scene and each person has one line and we’re all trying to get the job. It’s just weird. But when I got to work one on one with Kristen, I think that went really well.

To read the whole interview, click on the link above.

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Two more Italian movie posters of Twilight emerged online recently featuring Bella and Edward and James. In Bella and Edward’s poster, the caption reads…”And so the lion fell in love with the lamb”.


The young Twilight Cast were all present at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party held last September 18. Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were all present to celebrate the young actors of Hollywood. We posted some pictures in our gallery but you can find more here.

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Its confirmed. Paramore will be included in the Twilight soundtrack as they will have two songs written for the movie. Last week, frontwoman Hayley Williams blogged that they are hard at work to record some songs for the soundtrack and now, they have two songs to be included in the soundtrack. One to TBA announced song while another is named Decode.

 ’Twilight’ is the first series of books I’ve ever read. I didn’t get into the ‘Harry Potter’ series, even though I love the movies,” Williams said in a statement. ” ‘Twilight’ really caught my attention and held it. I’m really excited to see the book adapted to film and excited that our band gets to be a part of the phenomenon.”

“I chose the title ‘Decode’ because the song is about the building tension, awkwardness, anger and confusion between Bella and Edward,” she said. “Bella is the only mind Edward can’t read, and I feel like that’s a big part of the first book and one of the obstacles for them to overcome. It’s one added tension that makes the story even better.”

The Twilight soundtrack will be released in November 4 while a video for decode will be released early November.

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Robert Pattinson was featured in the October 2008 edition of Interview Magazine. In the magazine, he talked his pre-Potter days (when he was a struggling actor) together with his best friend Tom Sturridge and how he cleaned up his act later.

Alert the tabloids: Harry Potter actor linked to drug house! Twenty-two-year-old Robert Pattinson fondly recalls his time living in a “cool little ex-crack den” in London with best friend Tom Sturridge. He’s joking (we think) about their bad behavior as struggling young actors. “We spent the better part of a year just getting drunk every night,” Pattinson admits. “I don’t know if that counts as ’struggling.’” After the debauchery ended, Pattinson co-starred as Cedric Diggory in two Harry Potter movies. A former child model–he posed professionally from ages 12 to 15 (”when I stopped looking like a girl”)–Pattinson has been dubbed “the next Jude Law” in the British press. “I don’t really see the similarity,” he says. One opportunity to break out comes via next year’s Little Ashes, a Spanish drama in which Pattinson stars as the young Salvador Dali. But first, there’s the vampire thriller Twilight, based on the popular teen books, in which Pattinson plays Edward, a 108-year-old bloodsucker in love with a high school girl. Horror fans are already stalking him. “It’s funny,” Pattinson says, “because teenage girls would say,’ Oh my God, you’re Cedric!’ It switched in a week to ‘Oh, my God, it’s Edward!’ Allegiances change to freely in the teen-girl world.”

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Blog critics has posted a review of Breaking Dawn, the final novel in the Twilight Saga. Here is an excerpt:

I am pleased to report that I enjoyed the series — Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. The characters and carefully plotted alternate history were significantly developed. My main criticism was that the nature of the main character, Bella Swan, was a bit weak and whiny, almost a mundane stereotype of a teenage girl. While I grew attached to many of the characters around her, I had a hard time sympathizing with Bella herself, even though the stories are conveyed in the first person narrative from her perspective.

To read more, click on the link above.

Also, Stephenie Meyer still reigns supreme in the USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best Seller list. She tops USA Today with Twilight while she tops WSJ with Eclipse.


Reelz Channel has a new Twilight quiz for you Twilight fans. Click on the link to take it.

Also, Robert’s other film to be released, Little Ashes, has now a movie poster online. MetFilmProduction has released the movie poster which will be released next year, but has already been making rounds on film festivals around the globe. You can view it below:

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Two new Twilight Italian movie posters went online recently featuring Bella and Edward.

Also, Mari Miyachi of Andover Townsman has written a review for Twilight, where she is gave it a fairly positive review. Click here to read the whole review.

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The Twilight Official Site is giving away a baseballautographed by the whole cast. You have to register before you can enter. Click on the link to be taken to the main site and enter.

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Media Blvd Magazine were able to interview Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie Meyer during this year’s Comic Con and has now published that interview. Here is an excerpt:

MediaBlvd> Stephenie, how does your vision of Edward and Bella, and all the other characters, match with the actors who were cast in the movie?

Stephenie> Of course, I have a mental picture and, unfortunately, people can’t climb into my head and pull those out to use them. But, I’m actually amazed, particularly with Rob because Edward was a really hard one to cast. It was tough. I didn’t really know if there was anyone who could do it. I knew it was going to be a version of Edward, but I didn’t know what it was going to be. When they told me Rob was probably the one, I looked him up and thought, “Yeah, he can do a version of Edward. He’s definitely got that vampire thing going on.” And then, when I was on set and I got to watch him go from being Rob to shifting into being Edward, and he actually looked like the Edward in my head, it was a really bizarre experience. It was kind of surreal and almost a little scary. He really had it nailed. So, that was an amazing thing for me. That was very positive.

Catherine> As you can imagine, when you read Stephenie’s description of Edward, you’re like, “Who in the world could possibly live up to that?”

Stephenie> But, look at the poster. That’s Edward!

MediaBlvd> The great thing about this story is that it’s from a woman’s perspective. You’ve got a female director and a female screenwriter, and it’s got such a strong female point of view. Was it important for you to have those voices in there?

Stephenie> For me, it was a very natural thing to write from the human female’s perspective because I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing. I wasn’t thinking, “Well, I want to promote girl power.” No, this was just for me. It was just a real natural thing. And, I am glad that it’s in the hands of a woman because I do think that women see things differently. I’m glad that the male fan base is building because girls grew up reading books by men, all through school. We’re assigned to read them. You get the male perspective down pretty well. But, boys don’t always have to read books written by girls, or see movies that come from that point of view. I think it’s good, just for communication, to have that interchange of ideas. So, I’m really glad it’s that way.

Catherine> I think Stephenie is able to get into the guy’s point of view too. Reading some of Midnight Sun, you really get to see Edward’s point of view too. She does have a balance.

Stephenie> If I would have known how the story was going to turn out, I probably would have started by writing from Edward’s perspective because it’s so much more exciting when the vampires are telling the story. But, a human female was easier to write for me.

To read more, click on the link above.

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Paramore is in the recording studio for a possible inclusion in th Twilight soundtrack. In their blog, Paramore front woman Hayley Williams cleared it all saying…”we are back home. recording again for a possible shot at the twilight soundtrack! the rumors are a little less than true but a little more than a lie. today we are at blackbird studio in nashville”.

Robert Pattinson is going to grace the covers of Entertainment Weekly again as confirmed by his management. According to, the talented British actor will grace the covers of EW this time all by himself and with a better photo too.

Lastly, the Eternal Twilight Convention in UK next year has anounced the first of their special guests and that’s Kellan Lutz. The Eternal Twilight Convention will happen at the Park Inn, Northampton, England from 27 February - 1 March 2009.

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As previously stated, Stephenie Meyer guested yesterday at the Ellen De Generes show. The video is already online and is posted above.

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Twilight screen writer Melissa Rosenberg is in the spotlight in this edition of Twilight Tuesday. She shares her side of the story from penning other hit tv shows and movies until she got the Twilight project, what inspired her in writing the movie adaptation of Twilight, how did she condensed the book and what unlikely love story inspires her in writing Bella and Edward’s love story. Click on the link to find out.

Also in the Movies Blog, the Twilight Moms cleans house and find out who won!

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Shock till You Drop has posted today that the full Twilight trailer is due to come out mid-October. There are no exact dates given nor the film where it will be attached. Here is what exactly what they have posted.

Over at camp Twilight, the vampire drama based on Stephenie Meyer’s novel, we’ve been informed a proper trailer is due in mid-October. When we pressed for more details on the possible film it will be attached to, our informant clammed up.

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Little Ashes, starring Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali, will have its UK Premiere as part of the Raindance Festival 2008. The film, directed by Paul Morrinson, also stars Javier Beltran as Federico Garcia Loca. The film revolves around the extraordinary relationship between Loca and Dali, which evolved into an attraction to each other, which at that time was a taboo.

The film will be shown at Cineworld on 7 October, 2008, 7 PM. The theatre’s address is Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue - 13 Coventry Street, Piccadilly, London W1D 7DH.To purchase your tickets, you may click here.

As a treat, here is one great review about the film written by Chris Presswell.

Paul Morrison’s latest feature since 2003’s Wondrous Oblivion, provides us with a fascinating account of three of the leading artists of their time; Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel and Garcia Lorca. Little Ashes follows a young Salvador Dali from his beginnings living in the Residencia de estudiantes, leading to his dynamic relationship with poet Federico Lorca and their increasing infatuation with each other. The shots of the picturesque landscapes of Spain alone makes Little Ashes an unmisable spectacle.

Set across a timeframe that spans the roots of fascism to the beginning of General Franco’s dictatorship, Little Ashes depicts love in a time where homosexuality was deemed immoral- a point particularly reinforced by Matthew McNulty’s portrayal of surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel, a man notorious for his contempt regarding the matter.

While it is a far cry from his role in the Harry Potter franchise, Robert Pattinson brings Dalí to the screen with precisely the irreverent and eccentric personality you would expect from one of the creators of Spain’s avant-garde movement. It is however newcomer Javier Beltran who steals the show as García Lorca whose pain and longing is thoroughly portrayed and always felt, but never overplayed.

The interpretation of the long rumoured relationship between Dali and Lorca has already caused controversy among historians, with Dali having previously claimed to have rejected Lorca’s advances. Little Ashes was shot for £1.4 million in budget principally in Barcelona, and arises discussion as to the nature of the relationships the three men formed despite remaining a poetic and stunning interpretation.

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Test Pattern - MSNBC has listed Twilight as one of its Must See Fall Movies. In an article by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, here is what she has to say about Twilight:

Just in case the first two films made me sound like a snooty, pipe-smoking, leather-patches on the elbows type, here’s my guilty pleasure. I’ve read two of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” novels, about a young woman and her vampire love, and I admit it, I’m hooked. No, they’re not Shakespeare, but how boring would the world be if Shakespeare was all we had? Actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson aren’t exactly how I pictured Bella and Edward, but I’m still eager to see their love story play out on screen. I shouldn’t have any trouble getting my husband to stay with Kelly while I see this. It all but screams “chick flick.”

Click on the link to see which movies made into her list.

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Cam Gigandet is currently in negotiations to star in the new Mario Van Peebles directed movie, “Kerosene Cowboys”. The movie, which will be produced under Svareg-Afterburner Films, will also reportedly star Shane West and Rachel Leigh Cook.

The movie is based on the novel by Randy Arrington, which follows the rough-riding and hard-living pilots of an elite Navy attack squadron. Cam will star as a hot-shot pilot while West will play his one-time bestfriend-turned nemesis. Cook will play Cam’s love interest.

Based on a novel by Randy Arrington, the tale follows the rough-riding and hard-living pilots of an elite Navy attack squadron. Gigandet will star as a hot-shot pilot, West plays his one-time best friend-turned-nemesis, while Cook will play an investigative journalist and Gigandet’s love interest.

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Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz dishes out on the new flashback scenes, Midnight Sun and Bella’ s lullaby in a new interview by MTV. Robert dishes out in why they need to shoot some flashback scenes and why they need to reshoot the Bella’s lullaby scene and why his song (which they previously shot) wasn’t used.

We reshot the ‘Bella’s Lullaby’ scene with a different piece of music,” Pattinson explained. “I heard my original one the other day, and I really liked it. I was kind of depressed afterwards, but I like the new one as well. The new one I didn’t write; the composer Carter Burwell did it. The new one fits in with the rest of the score, whereas my one was completely random, so unless you want a five-minute scene of just me playing the piano, I guess it’s kind of irrelevant.”

Kellan also said that he would like for Stephenie Meyer to take her time with Midnight Sun.

“If I was Stephenie Meyer,” Lutz said, “and if I made that book — which is more heartfelt, like a diary in a way — it wouldn’t be out for years. I feel like she created it just for herself, and it’s sad that a part of her has been leaked, if that makes sense.”

He also mentioned that as the actors of the film, they have a little insight to the still unpublished book to help them to get into character.

To read more on the articles, click on the link above.

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Stephenie Meyer will grace your tv screens tomorrow as she will sat down with the Ellen de Generes and talk about the success of her Twilight books. Here is the show’s description:

Every teenager in the country is reading STEPHENIE MEYER’S “Twilight”
series of books (and will soon be watching the movies!). I am thrilled
to announce that Stephenie is giving me a rare TV interview on
Wednesday! Her latest book in the series, “Breaking Dawn,” is about a
teenage girl who is torn between her love for a caring vampire and a
sweet-natured werewolf. (Why are the good ones always taken?!)
Stephenie was also writing a new book from Edward the Vampire’s point
of view, but certain chapters got leaked online, and now she might not
even release it! (I’m gonna try my best to talk her into it, or at
least have her give me the scoop on what happens!)

Check your local listings for the show.

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The Twilight Saga has captured the attention of the literary world. The success of the vampire-human romance has crossed generations and has captured the imagination of the fans all over the world, especially females.

In an article by FresnoBee, it states a couple of reason on why this love story bites. One of them is that its a forbidden dark romance that never gets old. The way this forbidden romance was written has come on to fans as sexy and alluring.

Another would be the dreamy and handsome hero, Edward Cullen. Meyer has some female fans, both teens and moms, gushing over the eternal beauty of this torn vampire, who debates constantly whether to kill or not his one true love.

Another is that the story has a fantasy element yet the plot is realistic and believable. Though there are no proof that vampires exist in today’s world, the way the story is written through the eyes of its heroine, Bella Swan, is believable which young girls and women can relate to in regards to first love.

To read more of the article, click on the link above.

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Robert Pattinson’s star is definitely on the rise as Hollywood and many fans take notice of the talented young Brit. Set to conquer Hollywood this November with the release of the much anticipated Twilight, Robert Pattinson is set to be catapulted to Hollywood leading man status. Here is why The Movie Fanatic thinks so:

Is there anyone else who has captured the adulation of fans than this young Brit has done is so short a time? I don’t think so. Why is that you may ask? While many fans simply ride the wave, and gush over some pretty face with little talent, Pattinson has captured quite a wide range of admirers to say the least. These are not your ordinary young screaming fans. These are the kind of fans that goes to theater to admire actors playing the classics; these are the fans that devour books that’s on the NY Times best seller list. In other words, these are not your ordinary fans. Will that matter in the end? I would have to say so… While fans have no say on who gets to play the leading role and who gets to choose the best scripts, they are the ones who’ll pay the ticket and when they come to watch a movie in droves, that’s when you’ll realize who this Robert Pattinson is. Coming up: Little Ashes, How To Be and Parts Per Billion.

Do you agree with their assessment? To read more, click on the link and you may also vote for your other favorite young actors whom you want to be put on their list.

Also, Robert is also part of the TMF’s list of Young Actors with the Most Anticipated Roles. His vampire character, Edward Cullen, is one of the most anticipated characters to hit the silver screen later this year. Check out the other characters fans cant wait to see by clicking the link.

Here are the scans from the recent issue of PopStar Magazine, where a short interview of the Twilight Boys are featured. It also shows a new picture of Edward (Robert Pattinson).

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Breaking Dawn still tops the best seller list at Wall Street Journal. Other books of Stephenie Meyer also made it into the top 10. Click on the link to view the complete list.


Stephenie Meyer was been chosen by Spike TV as one of its prestigious Scream 2008 Advisory Broad, which will be responsible for selecting the nominees which was announced today. Other members of the Advisory panel were Tim Kring, Wes Craven, Neil Gaiman, Guillermo del Toro, Frank Miller and many more. The awards will be handed out on October 18 at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and will air on October 21st. Voting begins on September 12 at

Scream 2008 honors the comic book, horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres whether in print, film, and tv.

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Pre- orders for the Twilight Illustarted Movie Companion is now available in Amazon. This companion guide will have stills from the movie and will be released soon. Click on the link to order your copy now.

Also, The Ropes of Silicon has posted the MPAA ratings for Twilight, and its rated PG - 13 for some violence and scene of sensuality. TV Guide also listed the film as one of its most anticipated movie this fall.

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Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen is in the spotlight this week as he dishes out about his character, a line he made in reference to a great baseball legend (which he hopes will make the final cut) and on-set pranks. He also hopes that Twilight fans will be pleased with the baseball scene as he had fun filming it. Its not your conventional baseball.

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The Twilight cast hit the VMA’s recently and gave interviews to the waiting press. Here are some of the interviews that they gave:

E! Online - Taylor and Rob talked about sequels and more.

Celebuzz - Interview with Taylor and Rob where Rob answered questions about a drunk fan trying to kiss him.

LA TImes and MTV - Russel Brand is a wanted man. Twilighters are hunting him down.


Time Magazine has listed down the top 47 things you need to see, hear and do this coming fall. Listed under November is the much anticipated release of Twilight.

Dena Ross of wants your opinions in their blog, “Are you a Twilight Addict?. They will be collecting your posts to be written in a feature news article.


The Twiligt cast were one of the presenters at this year’s MTV Awards. Cam, Robert, Kristen and Taylor all walked down the red carpet and announced the performance of the band, Paramore. Click here for more information about when the cast arrived and more about the show.

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Breaking Dawn seems to be the focus for this day as we bring you two review of it and the Twilight Saga.

UK’s The Independent gave a review of Breaking Dawn. Though the article is not postive they also acknowledge Stephenie’s magical writing skills.

The Deccan Hearld of India gave also a revioew of Breaking Dawn as well as the rest of teh Twilight books.

The Washington Post has an article about the current fascination with vampires and mentioned Twilight.


We have previously posted that Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer will direct and collaborate with the band Jack’s Mannequin for their new music video.

Now, the video has been shot already and Stephenie was there all day in the set, watching the band mebers make their scenes and of course, her visual concept be followed. Stephenie had a great time on set and was happy to see that her concept was brought to life. She also said that she would not really like to be called as the director of the music video as she was not even allowed behind the camera and shot the scenes but she is happy to called as a collaborator. Check out the write-ups in the articles below:




The LA Times have made a slide show of the different vampires that have graced the big and small screen over the years, asking are they sexy or not. Its no surprise that Twilight vampire heart thrb Edward Cullen made into the list and they have provided us a new photo of him. Here is what they have to say about Edward:

Sexy might not be the right word for “Twilight” teen vamp Edward. “Dazzling” is more like it. Or “beautiful,” right? Never before has a vampire been said to glitter in the sun, to have a rippled but marble-smooth and rock-hard-like bod. Now if he only wasn’t frozen in time while underage….

Click on the link to view the whole list.

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In support to Robert Pattinson, we are posting some images from his another upcoming film, Little Ashes. Robert plays Salvador Dali in the film, a well-renowned surrealist painter and artist. The film will chronicle his life and relationship with his friends especially with Federico Gracia Lorca, who was rumored to be his lover.

The film will be released next January on selected theaters. For more information about the film, you may visit their official website, Little Ashes, or you may proceed to the Little Ashes: Promotional Blitz Project.

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The New York Magzine is asking whether the decision of putting the Midnight Sun on hold for the time being a rash decision of Stephenie Meyer. Was she over-reacting? Click on the article to see what they have to say.

Meanwhile Blast Magazine had reviewed the partial draft of the Midnight Sun that was posted online at Stephenie’s webiste. They have only three words to say: Please finish it. Click on the link to read their complete review but beware it has spoilers (for those who dont want to read it).

Lastly, Stephenie Meyer still tops the charts at the Wall Street Journal with all of her books in the Top 10. Breaking Dawn still leads the list.


thanks to SCQ member dannyem for finding this scan of the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly which features a new photo of Bella and Edward.

There are also great new scans from the October 2008 edition of Empire Magazine Australia, which featured Twilight. The article though is the same with the UK version though different images where used.

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Its vampire season this fall as two highly anticipated vampire romance stories are coming both to the big and small screen. Premiering this fall in HBO is True Blood, a vampire love series that shows the exploits of a vampire in the American South. Of course, coming in November 2st is the much anticipated Stephenie Meyer novel movie adaptation Twilight. Click here and here for videos featuring both vampire tales.

Also, the questions are in and its time for you to play the Twilight Quiz. Head over to MTV and  test your Twilight knowledge.

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Cosmo Girl did a photoshoot and an interview with the three boys of Twilight: Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner. The group seemed to be a close bunch as they gamely answered some questions and posed for the cameras. Here is the interview:

Put away the garlic and holy water. These wicked-hot guys may play vampires, but we promise they won’t bite.

It’s 5 p.m and Taylor Lautner is the first to arrive at the Venice, California studio for our CosmoGirl shoot. A few minutes later, his Twilight costar Kellan Lutz walks in. The guys high-five and joke about how Robert Pattinson - their other costar - is always late. By 6:30, I’m getting a little impatient because we’re still waiting for our lead vampire. Finally, Robert tiptoes in, sleepy-eyed and full of apologies, “Sorry, I overslept,” he explains in his sexy British accent.

He’s so charming that my aggravation immediately vanishes. I totally see why Kristen Stewart’s character, Bella, would want to spend an eternity with this guy, vampire or not. As the three actors change into jeans and white shirts, every girl on set finds an excuse to sneak into the dressing room, hoping to get a peek. Then - as if on cue, just around twilight - Rob, Kellan and Taylor emerge. Check out what we chatted about during the shoot.

Q: So how would you describe your three characters?

Rob: [My character] Edward is the conflicted and reluctant vampire. He’s a poet, and very deep and profound. He’s just extraordinarily troubled.

Kellan: Emmett’s the tough guy, the protector, but he’s a big old teddy bear to his little brother. He’s a goofball, but when he snaps, he’s menacing and there’s no stopping him.

Taylor: Well, in the first film, Jacob is a normal high school guy - outgoing, friendly, and loyal. I’m a lot like him in Twilight, but I’m excited to play him in the sequels as his character evolves.

Q: Are you at all similar to your characters?

Kellan: Rob is definitely Edward. He’s so complicated, so poetic… I mean, you cannot help but like this guy! I’d say I’m definitely the protector type. I have six brothers and one sister, and I got beaten up a lot because I was in the middle. But then I learned to defend myself.

Rob: Yeah, Kellan protects me all the time. It’s like having a globe around me. Really, he’s like a globe of protection!

Q: Twilight isn’t just a “vampire movie”, it’s a love story. Do you guys like romantic films?

Taylor: I really liked Enchanted. In fact, I’ve seen it five or six times.

Kellan: I like The Notebook, Tristan & Isolde, and Romeo + Juliet. [I enjoy] period pieces that aren’t just about winning the girl but are also about the struggle of class, wealth and privilege.

Q: What about horror movies?

Taylor: My friends just introduced me to how great they can be. I really liked The Hitcher, and Gothika gave me nightmares.

Rob: I don’t like that “hiding behind doors” element when suddenly it’s like “Boo!” I like the more eerie and disturbing horror flicks. One of my favorites is The Exorcist.

Kellan: I love scary movies. I think the pure gore movies are pretty funny. It doesn’t bother me to see someone get their head chopped off.

Q: Twilight’s tagline is: “When you can live forever, what do you live for?” Would you want to live for eternity?

Rob: Uh, yes, I think so, especially if I could turn it on and off. I kind of like the idea that I could see what death is like and then come back again. That sounds good to me. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

Kellan: I can’t wait for the afterlife, to spend eternity wherever it might be. But it would also be cool to live for hundreds of years and get to see how the world turns out. If I could stay 23 years old for 500 years, I’d probably take that deal.

And here’s what each of their captions say:

Rob: I never felt like I was making a ‘vampire movie’, even when we were ripping each other’s heads off.

Taylor: I hadn’t heard o

Kellan: I loved vampires growing up. I dressed up as one for Halloween three years in a row.f the Twilight books before the movie. Now I see girls everywhere reading them. The series is huge!

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Catherine Hardwicke is in the spotlight for this edition’s Twilight Tuesday. She dishes set secrets such as the made up scene that he had Rob do for Kristen, why he chose Rob and Kristen as her leads and many more. Check also out the videos and also head over to MTV movies blog to see how dedicated and cool director Catherine is.

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AOL Moviefone and MSNBC has listed Twilight, the first book in Stephenie Meyer’s hugely popular Twilight Saga, as one of the Most Anticipated Fall Movies of 2008. Starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the titular characters of Edward and Bella, the movie will hit US theaters on November 21, 2008.

Also, here is a round-up of news articles regarding the indefinite release of Midnight Sun.

Publishers Weekly

New York Times

School Library Journal

International Business Times

Little Brown, Stephenie’s publishers also released a statement regarding the leaked draft of The MIdnight Sun. Here is what they have to say courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

A partial draft containing chapters of Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer has been leaked on the Internet without the knowledge or permission of either Stephenie Meyer or Little, Brown. Although these early chapters were never intended to be published in their current form, Stephenie Meyer has decided to authorize the posting of these rough, initial chapters on her website ( in fairness to her true, loyal fans. While no decisions have been made at this time regarding the publication of Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer is currently at work on other writing projects.  Little, Brown looks forward to our continued publishing relationship with Stephenie Meyer and, like her many fans, we are eager to experience her next literary creation.”


We have previously reported that Entertainment Weekly has reported that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and the cast has been reshooting some scenes. We have also learned from this report that Robert Pattinson will be playing Bella’s lullaby but not his own composition.

Entertainment Weekly now clarifies this one. Though we may not hear Rob’s composition for Bella’s l ullaby, his two songs, initially written and composed before Twilight, will be featured in the film. This was confirmed by none other than Catherine Hardwicke, who said that the songs are very personal.

***thanks to entertainment weekly***


Allison Food of UK’s The Guardian expressed her views on the Midnight Sun being hold off indefinitely.

Pop has a Breaking Dawn review.

The Movie Fanatic has a feature on Kristen Stewart and her rising carreer, and Inside the World of Twilight.

Stephenie Meyer has updated her Breaking Dawn Faq’s, where she answers the most common questions about the fourth book.

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Stephenie Meyer updated her official MySpace Page with a new blog where she is focusing on the positive things. She talked about the upcoming collaboration with Jack’s Mannequin on their new video and on how this process was brought about.

Also, the Midnight Sun fiasco is still reeling the literary world and new articles from the, Bookseller and The Guardian has popped up regarding about it.


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