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Midnight Sun complications; Twilight Reshoots

The news of the Midnight Sun being released indefinitely rocked the Twilight fandom last friday. Last Friday, Stephenie Meyer announced that she is holding off the publication of the Midnight Sun idefinitelt after a leak copy was posted all over the internet. Now the news have spread, some of which have outraged some Twilight Fans. It has even crossed over the pond as UK’s Guardian has reported the news.

Mean while, re-shoots have been going on for the film version of Twilight. Last week, a couple new scenes were filmed suich as a flashback scene for the Cullens, Jacob in the prom as well as the replaying of Bella’s lullaby and the bedroom kiss between Bella and Edward. Also, Taylor Lautner (Jacob Balck) was also interviewd by Can Mag about his role and whether he is excited to see an action figure of him again, this time as Jacob Black.

***thanks to The Guardian, Entertainment Weekly and Can Mag***


Mod Note: Here in, we would like to express our support for Stephenie Meyer. We understood that her right as an author was violated and we respect her decision in holding off Midnight Sun indefinitely. We wish her well as she sorts out her emotions and decide what is the next step for her. We also hope that she would continue to write and finish (and publish) Midnight Sun in her own time.


6 Responses to “Midnight Sun complications; Twilight Reshoots”

  1. Kristina Says:

    I agree that what happened to Stephenie was wrong. It is unbelievable that something like this could happen to such a talented author. I do however believe that she should continue to write the story, even if she has to take a break. In not writing it I believe she would let down many fans and I would be extremely disappointed that someones child action would ruin it for every other Twilight Fan out there. I think she should treat this as a learning experience and she should fight to overcome it. Try to view it in a positive light, the book got so much publicity and perhaps inspired others to read it.
    I was looking forward to this book to a great degree, it almost became an obsession. Not finishing it now is like letting a child taste the candy but never letting them have it. SO many questions would be left unanswered. :( I havent read any but the first chapter left and i would love to read it.

  2. Amy Says:

    Just want to say that Stefenie Meyer is still amazing. I think you should definitely finish and publish Midnight Sun so that your fans can show how dedicated we are to Twilight!

  3. twilightmovie Says:

    Hey Kristina. I think Stephenie will continue to write the Midnight Sun in her own due time. She needed a break right now because first, she needs to sort out her emotions and second, she needs to think what to decide with this complication.She has never said that she is never finishing Midnight Sun but is only holding it off indefinitely. Indefinitely does not mean never. Maybe in the future after all this have calm down, she will once again visit the Twilight Universe.

  4. Bellanephilim Says:

    I must admit that when I first read what happened I was very upset. As a fan I can understand how exciting it must have been to be able to read the chapters of Midnight Sun, I too was aching for it.

    So I have high hopes for her next project and hope that in time she will be able to come back and finish what the rest of us will be eagerly awaiting. Though, of course no pressure should be put on it, if it can happen it will happen, and when it does…. it will be fantastic!!

  5. cullengirl Says:

    I completely understand why she chose to stop writing for now, but if she does not finish the book then it is just a slap in the face to her loyal readers who did not betray her trust. An author, musician, director, actor, etc..none of these people would be where they are today if it wasn’t for their loyal fans. I am truly heartbroken that I will never be able to finish edward’s version. I too would like to have a copy that matched Twilight..edward and bella’s perspective. I hope that she will take into consideration how many fans would never read an illegal copy on the ineterne and that she will finish the book for those of us who have been faithful to her and her stories. Please…finish and publish Midnight Sun. We love the world that you have created..thank you for bringin the vampires and werewolves back!

  6. Christan Says:

    I was definitely upset when I read that someone had ruined the experience of releasing Midnight Sun for the supporters and for Mrs. Meyer herself. But I agree with many when they say that they believe she will continue to write about the cullens. I believe the relationships that have developed will be weighing on her and everyone else too heavily to not continue the story. So in total support and respect to Mrs. Meyer, I will not be reading the unedited copy. I will wait in hopes of the release of her edition; the one she wanted us to experience. I hope everyone else will share the same respect.

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