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A few days ago, there was a rumor that a leaked copy of the first 12 chapter of Midnight Sun, Twilight from Edward’s perspective, has circulated all over the internet. For many days, there were no word from Stephenie Meyer whether this “leaked version” is authentic or not. Now, sad to say, that leaked version is true and as anyone would expect, Stephenie Meyer felt betrayed and saddened by the incident. She has addressed this matter in her website, which you can access through here.

On other things, Seth, Ms. Meyer’s Web administrator, has updated some pages in her website including an update on the motocycles and cars in the Twilight series as well as the quotes before the release of Eclipse.

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In an on-line poll by movie website,, fans and moviegoers has voted Twilight as the Most Anticipated Fall Movie of 2008. Not only that, it was also voted as the Most Anticipated movie in November 2008. The poll was participated in by more than 3,000 fans where they have to pick one movie they most anticipate to watch. Twilight garnered 34% of the votes followed by the new James Bond film, The Quantum of Solace while in the other category it received 31% compared to Bond’s 20%. To view the complete list, click the link above.

In other news, MTV has reposted that Stephenie Meyer will direct Jack’s Mannequin new music video. According to Andrew McMahon, there are going to be lots of water in the video - sadly no vampires. Here is an excerpt:

“Yeah, there are no vampires in the treatment. There may be a mermaid, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to give away too much, because we’re letting [Meyer] run with her vision. … I mean, I will say there’s a good amount of water in the video and … what else can I say?” he said Thursday (August 28). “It’s cool. It’s not some sort of exposé on my life. … It’s nice to know we’re going to make a video for the sake of making a video. [We're] making something that’s kind of fantastic and different and exciting but isn’t about the song specifically, and it isn’t about me specifically.”

“So I said, ‘Can I reach out to her and see if she’d be interested in writing for the video and coming out and directing it?’ And we got her music, and she was fantastic, and we’ve been working with her ever since,” he continued. “And it works so well, because [with my music], I always try to create something super-visual and create a backdrop where people can take a bunch of experiences but relate them. And she’s done that in a huge way with her books.”

Click on the link to read the whole report.

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jediyoda has listed down three movies that could potentially be the successor of successful Hollywood franchises. It listed down Twilight as the next Harry Potter, due to its appeal and the millions of books sold. Here is an excerpt:

The four books in the series - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn - have all been best-sellers, and the first movie based on the Twilight series was just given WB’s coveted Thanksgiving release date after they bumped Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince into 2009. (If that wasn’t enough Potter/TwilightTwilight, Robert Pattinson, played the hunky Cedric Diggory in the Goblet of Fire movie.) synergy for you, the male lead in

To read more, click the link above.

The Daily Iowan has an article also where they compare the success in the books (and maybe in the movies) of Harry Potter Series and Twilight Saga.

Lastly, Breaking Dawn still tops the best -seller lists of Amazon Canada and Wall Street Journal. Other books of Stephenie Meyer are also found in the Top 10.


Ashley Greene aka Alice Cullen,will be starring in a new movie entitled, Summer. The film will be about a young girl, on a quest of finding her father, being drawn/lured by a family of serial killers into their web. Horror film maker Lee De Marbre will direct the film .

Meanwhile, you can watch Ashley and Rachelle Laferve (aka Victoria) as they posed for the cameras in H Magazine’s August issue. Video courtesy of Extra.

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