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Twilight has opened their official MySpace Website! The website contains all features it has on the official movie website as well as other new features. Head over there by clicking on the link above to be able to add it to your friends list.

Also, a new video blog from director Catherine Hardwicke from Greetings from Twilight. Its about the fan frenzy at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Judging by the reactions in the video, both fans and stars of the movie enjoyed that day.

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Good News to all Twilight fans in the UK! There will be a 3-day Twilight Convention entitled Eternal Twiight, which wll be held on 27 February to 1 March 2009 at The Park Inn, Northampton, England. There will games and special events in store for fans of all ages during the three day event. Head over to their website, massive events, to check out on how to join and register.


Reelz Channel was able to interview Twilight author Stephenie Meyer where she talked about her success, her work as an author and how she has handled her fame. Click on the link to read the whole interview. has a new interview of Cam Gigandet where he talked about his character James and portraying it.

More Breaking Dawn reviews from The Salt Lake Tribune and Poineer Local. There is also an article by Pop Matters, where they talk about the unusual vampires of Forks, Washington.

Shock Till You Drop has an exclusive interview from Twilight Screen writer, Melissa Rosenberg.

The News Today published the last part of her two-part review of the Twilight Series. has posted their analysis of the movie release-date-changed up of Harry Potter and Twilight.

And thanks to poster Chris, for letting us know of his website, Film Grenade, that has the rundown of the Twilight Cast.


In this edition of MTV’s Twilight Tuesday, the spotlight is one Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper Hale/Cullen. He talked about his character and what sets the movie apart from other vampire movies. He also talked about his controversial hair-do during the first pictures released.

Also, MTV is still asking more of your questions to be sent in. These questions will be revealed on next week’s Twilight Tuesday.

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