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Cosmo Girl reviewed Breaking Dawn recently and they gave the book a fairly positive review.

Many more are converted into the Twilight Universe despite the series ending recently. Articles from the Taunton Daily Gazette and Times Record News narrates how the authors and many more readers are ethralled with the Twilight Series. Though the series have ended, one will relish this tale of vampiric love.

The reports that Breaking Dawn entered in #2 at UK’s Official Top 50 Best selling books. Though it has failed t unseet the #1 book, BD has sold an estimated 32, 000 copies last week.

Lastly, UK’s The Guardian has published an article regarding the BD fan backlash.


Despite criticisms and fan backlash, Stephenie Meyer still answered your burning questions about Breaking Dawn. Fans were given a chance to send their questions through MTV and she has graciously answered a few. Head over to MTV and see whether your questions were chosen, and what she has to say about Reneesme, Bella, Edward and writing more Twilight books in the future. Plus, a while back Stephenie Meyer was asked the possibility of Breaking Dawn being made into a movie and she answered that if she had her way, she would make 2 movies out of Breaking Dawn. The author backtracked a bit on her answer. She said that “she is not a movie person, so she doesnt know. But if she thinks that BD will be too long for one movie and cutting it after book 2 would be the best plausible way.”

Also, fan backlash has gone from bad to worse as some disgruntled Twilight fans has gone into major damage property. Hackers have hacked into the Twilight Lexicon Blog, bringing down the site for 48 hours. Some data files were lost and will never be recovered but the good news is that the site is back online now.

In other news, MTV is asking fans to tweak their Twilight Brains by submitting questions to help them make a Twilight Quiz. Head over to the Movies Blog to get post your questions.

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