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Robert Pattinson’s indie film, How to Be, was screened recently at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. The review for Robert’s performance was relatively good , though the movie seemed a bit dragging. The movie’s website has been updated though with movie posters/fliers featuring movie still from the movie. To view them all, click on the link above.


More Breaking Dawn reviews are coming in, both bad and good. Time Magazine has given the book an A- grade while School Library Journal gave the book a fairly positive review. also has a positive review of the Twilight book.

Its been more than a week that Breaking Dawn was released yet the disappointment from some fans are not yet over. The Chicago Sun Tribune and have published an article regarding the fan backlash while Publisher’s Weekly has an article that regards this backlash as a betrayal of fans.

Aside from fa backlash, there is also a feminist backlash who are calling the Twilight Series as anti-feminist. But Kim Voynar of Cinematical doesnt think so. Click on the link to see why.

The News Today’s Joanne Marie Combong - Pijuan discusses her views and opinions about the Twilight Series.

Teen Hollywood had an interview with Kellan Lutz aka Emmet Cullen regarding is career and of course, Twilight! has listed Twilight as one of the Top 10 Fall movies they want to see.

In an effort to promote reading to all ages, the American Library Association has released a Twilight poster featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reading a Twilight book. You can order your poster at the American Library Association.

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