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Still within the Breaking Dawn Release hype, Entertainment Weekly is bringing you the Breaking Dawn release party in LA LIVE! Head over to their page right now (by clicking the link) and watch the whole event on the web.

Patricia Sellers of Fortune Magazine (and CNN Money) has a quick blog about the Twilight phenomenon, which haven’t heard off until last weekend.

The Buffalo News and Publishers Weekly chronicles the success of Breaking Dawn during its release. However with some fans not entirely happy with how it ends and with some even campaigning for it to be returned, Publisher’s Weekly sought out Little, Brown, SM’s publisher’s regarding the issue. Here is what they have to say:

Little, Brown spokesperson Melanie Chang said the company has not received negative feedback from accounts, and that the wide range of reactions among readers is to be expected. “With a book as eagerly anticipated as Breaking Dawn there’s going to be diverse reactions,” she said. “Stephenie Meyer’s fans are incredibly passionate about her books, so it’s no surprise that readers respond with equal passion.” Chang also noted that the paperback edition of Twilight had its best week to date last week, evidence that Meyer continues to attract new readers.

As expected, Breaking Dawn is number 1 in Wallstreet’s and USA Today’s Best Seller List. The other books in the Twilight Saga are also in the list as well as The Host.

Books reviews for Breaking Dawn by Seacoastonline, New York Daily News and are also made available on-line.

Premiere has posted their interview with Robert Pattinson and Rachelle Laferve take during the Comic Con. Click on the link to read about it.

Donna Freitas of The Wall Street Journal has written a review of the Twilght Saga. Click on the link as its a good read.



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