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More Breaking Dawn News…

Last Monday, August 4th, Breaking Dawn was released in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. UK’s The Guardian has article about the release, writing that the last book in the Twilight Saga sold 20,000 copies on its first 24 hours. Here is an excerpt:

Book chain Borders opened stores early yesterday morning to mark the release, and children’s buyer Becky Stradwick said that fans were queuing from the early hours to get their hands on the book. Stradwick said the launch was “the closest thing we’ve had to Harry in recent times - it’s phenomenally exciting, and it’s only going to grow”. She predicted that sales would continue until Christmas, with the Twilight film boosting numbers. “What started out as a cult interest fan base has spread,” she said. “It’s one of those things that has a massive crossover appeal. It’s a real guilty pleasure for grown-ups.”

Waterstone’s said it had received thousands of pre-orders for Breaking Dawn, which was “flying off the shelves”. A spokesperson said: “We knew this was going to be huge, but it looks as if it’s going to be absolutely huge. We haven’t seen this level of excitement about any children’s book bar Potter in many years. We’ve had thousands of pre-orders and it’s exceeded even our expectations.” Waterstone’s staff were asking customers if they were in “team Edward” or “team Jacob” as they entered stores, she added.

Like wise, Bookseller has reported the same thing happening with the Oxford Street Borders selling 400 copies in 20 minutes. Here is an excerpt:

Orbit has printed 500,000 copies in hardback and C-format for both the domestic and export market. In the US, Little, Brown has estimated it sold 1.3 million copies of Breaking Dawn on publication date, 2nd August.

Ursula Mackenzie, c.e.o at Little, Brown, said re-orders were already “pouring in”.

“The Stephenie Meyer phenomenon has finally hit the UK,” she added.

Click on the links to read the whole articles.

With the release of Breaking Dawn and fans speed reading it in the next few hours just to catch up with their favorite characters, there are fairly some that dont like it while some loved it. With the dislike-ness that some fans expressed, some are questioning whether Meyer has what it takes to follow in the footsteps of JK Rowling. The has an article that analyzes “Why JK Rolwing isnt the next JK Rowling”. Click at the link to read the whole article. There also a related article in The New York Times, with fans even expressing in returning the books.

The Chicago Sun-Times and the Canwest News Service has articles about Stephenie Meyer and her successful series, “Twilight”.  The Globe and Mail meanwhile has chronicled the success of the Twilight Series with its latest addition selling 1.3 million copies on its first day. The Colombus Dispatch meanwhile has a book review for Breaking Dawn.

jediyoda has posted the 2nd part of her interview before Breaking Dawn was released. Speaking at her New York pre-release party, she talked to MTV’s Kim Stolz about visiting the Twilight Universe someday, how was she influenced writing the books and her dream “Twilight” car.

Also, she is coming to LA later this week so MTV is asking for your questions you wished to be answered by Stephenie Meyer herself. She will be dropping by the MTV LA studious so be sure to send in your questions.

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