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As the Twilight Fandom is currently busy discussing whether they like the book or not, news and reviews about the books are also being posted on-ine. Here are a few of them:

MTV and Publishers Weekly are reporting Breaking Dawn’s release numbers. As reported yesterday, BD shattered the Hatchette Book Group’s record for opening books release, selling more than 1.3 million copies. They have also said that in December 30, 2008, they will be releasing The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, which will give readers the complete guide to the world of Twilight. There would be character profile, genealogy and new material that would entice Twilight fans. Also Meyer has expressed on finishing Midnight Sun, which is a retelling of the Twilight story from Edward’s perspective.

Books Reviews:

The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune have both written a fairly well review of Twilight. The different narration from Bella and Jacob POV certainly offers readers a well rounded perspective of the characters and how they are taking the events. There was also a lot excitement and the chracters really showed their depths and developments. However, with the books information overload, BD shouls have been divided into two books. There are enough plotlines for two books and certainly more action was needed.

Denise Martin of LA Times have published an article detailing her disappointment at the content of Breaking Dawn. Click at the link to find out.

All About Romance and PoughKeepsie Journal, however, defended the criticisms that Breaking Dawn is receiving from fans and readers.

H Magazine had a photo shoot with Rachelle LaFerve and Ashley Greene. Click on the link to view more pics.



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