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Borders and Walden books have announced that Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn has sold over 250,000 copies of its first day of release. Twilighters storm into their stores at 12:01 am, 2 August 2008, when the final book in the Twilight Saga was released. The book was hotly anticipated that number of pre-orders was second only in its history to the Harry Potter books.

Mod Note: This is only for Borders and Walden Books. Barnes and Noble hasnt publsihed how many sales they got as well as small book sellers. Not to mention, this is in the US and Canada alone. Congratulations to SM!

CBS was able to interview Stephenie Meyer regarding her latest book. Click on the link to see what she has to say.


Update: USA TODAY reports that the Hatchette Book Group estimates that about 1.3 million copies were sold on Saturday when it went on sale at 12:01 am. It was the company’s largest first day sales record. To read more on the article, click on the banner above.


In the wake of the release of Breaking Dawn yesterday, we are now getting news feeds from different news organization regarding its release.

Entertainment Weekly, Publisher’s Weekly and The New York Times bring you the Breaking Dawn Concert Series. The concert was a success with lost of fans cheering for Ms. Meyer.

MTV has also news reports regarding the Breaking Dawn Concert Series and the release of it at midnight.

The Los Angeles Times has their Breaking Dawn release report  as well. There is also a lovely insight from the Baltimore Sun on why the Twilight Saga is such a hit for the young readers. Must be those sexy vampires.

USA Today was able to interview Stephenie Meyer and she talked about not pleasing her many fans when the final book, Breaking Dawn, will come out.

Teen Hollywood has published their interview with Robert Pattinson and Rachelle LaFerve during the San Diego Comic Con.



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