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As the millions of Twilight fans across the US and Canada greeted the midnight of August 2nd, they also looked forward to a Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn has finally been released all over the US and Canada, with later release dates for other countries.

Millions of Twilight fans have flocked into their local bookstores as midnight parties have greeted them and of course, Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight Saga. So Twilighters, enjoy your day as I know you are all dying to read what happens next to your characters. Get some sleep after and later head over to your discussion boards to see whether you agree with the ending or not. Meanwhile here are some images from Breaking Dawn’s release.

The images above are courtesy of Hampton Click on the link to read their published article regarding the Breaking Dawn release.

ABC News has also a report regarding Breaking Dawn as well as The New York Times.


The LA Times has made a slide show of Twilight movie stills entitled, Twilight Primer. They have added two new movie still, which can be seen above. To view the whole slide show, which has short information about the movie, click on the link below.

***thanks to LA TImes***


MSN’s Parent Movie Guide looks into the Twilight phenomenon and whether the book is good enough for the teens to read. MSN’s Cinema-mama analyzes the phenomenon behind it, what makes it ticks and why she disagrees with people recommending it for teens to read. Find out her reason why by clicking on the link above.

Also, check out their Comic-Con Coverage where they were able to have interviews with the Twilight cast, Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwicke.

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