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They came, they saw,they conquered. Twilight fans catapulted the Twilight cast into the number 1 position in Portrait Magazine’s Top 30 under 30. Twilight beat out the tough competition to land in the top spot. Cam Gigandet aka James also landed on his own at Number 21. This list compiled by Portrait looks into the top and upcoming actors under the age of 30.

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With the release of Breaking Dawn just around the corner, Stephenie Meyer is all over the news. Her best seller series, Twilight, has caught the attention of the general public and now, teens and moms are lining up once again for the release of Breakng Dawn. Here are some news round-up:

Wall Street Journal interviewed Stephenie were she talked about her books, her theme and the fascination about vampires.

Good Morning America already has the video online where they talked to Stephenie Meyer, discussing her books and fame. They also have another article where they talked about teen book series adaptations which are bringing big bucks to the movie studios.

LA Times via The Chicago Tribune and the School Library Journal explore the magical lure of the Twilight series. Though being dubbed as the next Harry Potter, the Twilight series stands on its own and is luring fans fast into its web. It may not have the magical adventure that a boy wizard has but it sure has the allure of the sexy vampires that makes readers thirsty for more.

Business Week also has an article that explores the wonder of marketing and social networking sites that contributed to the success of Twilight.

And Amazon Canada has Breaking Dawn on top of their Best seller List. They also have two more books of Stephenie Meyer in their list.

Lastly, some of you fans have a chance to catch the Breaking Dawn Tour Live via the internet. Entertainment Weekly is bringing you the Breaking Dawn Tour Series Live from New York. Just head over to the EW website where te live stream will start at 7 PM EST with replays at 9PM and 11 PM.


MTV is all over Stephenie Meyer as  we are just hours away from the release of the book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. MTV was able to talk with Ms. Meyer as she geared up for her release parties. Click here to see and read what she has to say.

She also shared her thoughts on Breaking Dawn if it it will be turned into a movie. KIm Stoltz on MTV also shared her thoughts before she moderates a Twilight event and Christian Serratos aka Angela Webber chose her team. Click on the link to find out.

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