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Archive for July, 2008

EW Comic Con Update: Star Portraits

Posted in Actors, Kristen Stewart, Twilight with tags on July 31, 2008 by twilightmovie

Entertainment Weekly updates their Comic Con Star Portraits with new pictures. One of them is of Kristen Stewart as posted above.

***thanks to Entertainment Weekly***


Twilight News Round-up

Posted in Actors, News Articles, Steph Meyer, Twilight with tags on July 31, 2008 by twilightmovie

Reelz Channel has their debates spirit up as they ask fans which Twilight Hero do you prefer: Jacob or Edward?

Premiere Magazine continues their interviews of the Twilight Cast which they have conducted from the recently concluded Comic Con. We have posted Bella’s interview before, now they have their interview of Cam Gigandet and Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwick online. Click on the link to view them. has posted a video interview of Taylor Latner at the Twilight Comic Con Presentation.

Want to take a bite out of the Twilight sweetness? Now you can with the Twilight Chocolate. Godiva Chocolatier has released special edition chocolates with the Twilight cover in the front and a tagline. “Can You Resist Temptation?” Apprently not for MTV’s Megan Warner as she tracked down the Twilight sweetness. The chocolate bar may not be cheap but its certianly worth it. It will also be released during midnight parties hosted by Barnes and Nobles.

Variety has posted an article about Stephenie Meyer in their Women Impact Report 20008.

Lastly, since its already July 31st, the Breaking Dawn release will be in two days! Dont forget your midnight parties in your local bookstores. And just to gauge how big this is, over 900 Borders and Walden book stores all over the US are holding their respective Breaking Dawn release parties.


Twilight: 13 Notes for newcomers

Posted in News Articles, Twilight with tags on July 30, 2008 by twilightmovie

Entertainment Weekly, in preparation and celebration for the release of the last book in the Twilight Saga, has listed down 13 Things that a new comer must know regarding the Twilight Saga. Aptly titled as “Breaking Dawn: 13 Notes for Newcomers, it gives a breakdown of who’s who in the series and what you need to know. Click on the link above to view the slideshow.

***thanks to Entertainment Weekly***


Twilight:Craziest Panel at the Comic Con

Posted in News Articles, Twilight with tags on July 30, 2008 by twilightmovie

Cinematical has handed out its “awards” for this year’s San Diego Comic Con and judging from the screams and squeels that were heard in Summit’s Presentation especially on Twilight, its no wonder that Twilight (Summit Presentation) was awarded as the Craziest Panel. Here is what they have to say about Twilight:

Summit Entertainment (ie: Twilight-mania) — One property a lot of us were keeping an eye on heading into Comic Con was Twilight. Sure, we knew the teen vamp novel had a huge Potter-like following online, but would those same fans crash Comic Con? Well … talk about extra insanity! The Summit panel, which featured Twilight, Push and Knowing, was absolutely out of control, with teenage girls screaming and crying, while the rest of us looked around for someone like John Lennon to return from the dead. The fandom for this property is real and big, so now we have to wait to see if that audience can carry this flick a long way at the box office. Unfortunately, most folks who aren’t familiar with the books think the film looks very ABC Family Movie of the Week-esque.

Click on the link above to see who won the other awards.

***thanks to***


Twilight Tuesday:10 Things Comic Con Taught us about Twilight

Posted in News Articles, Twilight with tags on July 30, 2008 by twilightmovie

Yup, thats him. The famous Larry Carroll with our Twilight leads, Edward and Bella. In this edition of Twilight Tuesdays, we are counting down the 10 Things that Comic Con taught us about Twilight. Amidst the screams and squeals of fan girls, Twilight will go down in Comic Con history where the many eardrums were shattered.

Also in the Movies Blog, Larry and the gang ask, “If a Twilight Star were standing next to you, What would you ask them?” head over to MTV Movies Blog to post your answers.

***thanks to***


Twilight News Round-up

Posted in News Articles, Twilight with tags on July 30, 2008 by twilightmovie

Moviefone has posted the 20 things they have learned at Comic Con 2008. Twilight came in at #2 and here is what they have to say about it:

2. Twilight is going to be HUGE

We’ve seen predictions that the vamp-romance-novel adaptation ‘Twilight’ is gonna be the next ‘Harry Potter,’ but nothing prepared us for the hysteria that accompanied its Comic-Con panel, with the screams of teenage girls hitting decibels we never knew existed. Imagine a surprise performance by the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus — featuring Jesus Christ resurrected — and you might be close.

Reelz Channel has a short interviw with the Twilight Cast, author and director during the Comic Con 2008. Check out why Stephenie Meyer was apologizing to Robert Pattinson.

With the release of Breaking Dawn this Saturday, she is expected to appear in Good Morning America on Thursday, July 31. GMA is asking you fans to send in your questions which maybe be ask to Stephenie Meyer herself on the show. Click on the link to send in your questions.


Twilight News Round-Up: Stephenie gives a little spoiler!

Posted in Actors, News Articles, Twilight with tags , on July 29, 2008 by twilightmovie

Entertainment Weekly has mentioned before that Stephenie Meyer has give them a little spoiler regarding her new book, the last book of the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn. Well now,  EW can divulged the little  spoiler SM has said to them and has posted it in their website. To find out what it is click link above. And, you can also head over to their discussion area, where you can share your thoughts on this little spoiler. Also, EW has released the four-part interview they had with Stephenie Meyer during the Comic Con and also with director Catherien Hardwicke. Lastly, be sure to check out a great photo of Steph, Catherine and Kristen (posted above) which was taken during the Comic Con as well.

Also, MTV has posted a new interview with Cam and of course a big “THANK YOU” message from Rob, Steph and Catherine Hardwicke for the great reception they have received and for all the support.

Fred Topel of was lucky enought to interview Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner minutes before they went on stage for the Twilight Summit presentation. Click on the provided to read the interview.

TIME has lited down some of their “Special Awards” for the recently concluded Comic Con. And what award does Twilight get? Most Enthusiastic Fans. Here is what they have to say:

Most Enthusiastic Fans: The Twihards, devout readers of Stephenie Meyer’s series of vampire books, Twilight, were the loudest and proudest in Hall H, starting a Twilight chant while they waited, shrieking anytime a cast member, Meyer or director Catherine Hardwicke said anything, and asking lots of questions about vampire hotness. After the panel was over, so many Twihards rushed the movie’s booth that fire marshals briefly closed it down. Fanboys, don’t look back. The fangirls are gaining on you fast.

Photo by: Kathleen McGivney was able to chat with Kristen during their Comic Con promotion and she talks about her character, on why she chose it and how hard/easy it was to be detached from Bella.

Geeks of Doom is giving away Twilight Goodies from the Comic Con. If you are interested, head over to their site and find out.

And with the release of Breaking Dawn a few days away, Daily Herald sums up the excitement surrounding the release. has also sums up the Twilight Series, recommending it for a friendly read.

Lastly, Ashley Green (Alice) and Kellan Lutz are to reunite to star in a new movie called “Strife”. Beginning to film in the upcoming weeks, Strife tells a story of three friends struggling with day-to-day life in the drug and gang infested streets of Los Angeles. Caught in a world of violence and tragedy, they struggle to discover the hope and love that can help them persevere.To learn more, head over to MTV.


More Twilight News

Posted in News Articles, Twilight with tags on July 28, 2008 by twilightmovie

Rachel Chang of Cosmo Girl has some interesting thoughts about her literary crushes. One of which has had played two heart throbs already. Can you guess who?

Lastly, there are great photos from the recently concluded San Diego Comic Con where Summit Entertainment has a Twilight Panel Presentation. Courtesy of IMDB, here are some great pictures from that event.

***thanks to twilight lexicon***


Twilight News Round-up

Posted in News Articles, Twilight with tags on July 28, 2008 by twilightmovie

Here is the last round-up of Comic Con news: has their comic con news round-up on the Twilight Summit Presentation. In an article by Mike Sampson, he narrates his experience on the Twilight presentation amidst the fan girls screaming for their idols. Its an experience he will never forget.

LA Times has an article asking, “Is Robert Pattinson the new beatles”. Check out what they have to say.

In other news…

Newsweek was able to chat with Stepehenie Meyer where she talks about books, boys and relationships. has an article where fans are going to party till the breaking dawn this coming saturday, With the release of the final book in the twilight series and midnight parties to add, you can expect a steady stream of twilight fans in your local bookstores this saturday. A similar article has also been put up in Fans around the world will have their questions answered this coming saturday as Breaking Dawn will be released.

The and The Huntsville Times have articles both looking into the teen phenomenon of Twilight. Why is it a must read and why does it appeals to teens? Read to find out.

The Chicago Sun Times and the Southern Star have articles that analyzes the secret to success of the Twilight Series as well as its appeal to the fans.

The has a speculation on what will happen in The Breaking Dawn. Will be Bella be turned into a vampire and what will be her powers? Who knows…

The Seattle Times has an article where people are flocking to Forks, Washington to get a glimpse of what Bella and Edward’s home might look like.


Comic Con and More

Posted in News Articles, Twilight with tags on July 26, 2008 by twilightmovie

Its not over till we say it over. Here are some of the latest (and maybe the last) batch of news write from the Twilight Panel Presentation at the San Diego Comic Con. Also some news in the fandom especially with the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn.

MTV, as previously reported was bale to chat with the Twilight Stars backstage before and after the panel presentation. We have posted a report about Rob before and now, we have three more courtesy of the great Larry Carroll. He was able to talk to director Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie Meyer, where they shared their thoughts about the craziness of the presentation, Rob and the movie. Rob has two songs in the movie aside from Bella’s lullaby and Stephenie is going to see the unfinished product on twuesday.

Also, Larry has posted his conversations with Rob, where he talked about being amazed by the fans hysteria and screams at the panel discussion. He also reveals his inner geekiness as he ponders which superhero he could be when attending the comic con next time.

Reelz Channel was also at the Comic Con and they  were able to speak to Robert and Stephenie Meyer as well. Rob talks about his diamond skin while Stephenie talks about whether “Breaking Dawn” was influenced by the movie.

Time Magazine not only talked about Twilight in the Comic Con but also shed light to another vampire series that debuting on HBO, True Blood.

The LA Times have another article about Twilight in the Comic Con and this time they talked to Edward himself, Robert Pattinson.

IESB has also put up their Twilight report in the Comic Con. also put up their Twlight report in the Comic Con.

The Washington Post also posted their report about the Comic Con Twilight presentation and some interesting points during the press roundtable.

In other news…

The countdown for Breaking Dawn is almost over as its less than a week for the new book.

The Miami Herald and the Lakewood Ranch Herald have posted articles where the end of the Twilight Series is almost over with the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn.

MyWebtimes analyzes why people are getting crazy over the teen vampire romance while has got fans choosing: Edward or Jacob?


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