About.com has posted that our favorite bad-ass vampire, Cam Gigandet aka James have landed a lead role in Kid Cannabis, an action drama based on a true story of a couple of young Idaho guys who find fortune by building a multimillion-dollar marijuana ring. The film will be directed by Turistas director John Stockwell.

Production is expected to begin mid-July.

Globeandmail.com has posted a review of Stephenie Meyer’s latest book, The Host. It described as the “Invasion of the body snatchers - but the nice ones.” Here is some except:

Like Twilight, The Host is candid, character-driven and presents a strong underlying message of acceptance and understanding. It is Meyer’s ability to develop not only fascinating characters but intriguing relationships that puts her writing a cut above average. Her fluid, expressive prose makes every character seem dynamic and endearing. Meyer details each character’s emotions and experiences in such an extraordinary manner it’s hard not to be drawn into the text.

The Host also contains many of the same overarching themes as Meyer’s other work: inner conflict, good versus evil, freedom of choice, the duality of humankind, and integration versus marginalization. While classified as science fiction, The Host is an eclectic blend of numerous other genres as well, including romance, adventure and comedy. The book’s expansive themes and genre blending will likely broaden the scope of its audience beyond the realm of science fiction fans.

To read the whole review, click on the link above.

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