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Kristen and Nikki: Top 30 Hottest Young Actress

Two Twilight ladies made it to The Movie Fanatics’ List of Top 30 Hottest Young Actress. Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed both made it to the list, with Kristen placing at #18 while Nikki is at #22. Here is what they have to say about the two:

Kristen Stewart

Watch out for Kristen Stewart as she establish herself in 2008 to be one of moviedom’s most sought-after leading ladies! Up to now, what we see of Stewart are notable supporting roles, and while she maintains her consistency in choosing her projects- these movies remain at best, ’shows only her potential’- Panic Room, Catch That Kid, Speak, Zathura, The Messengers, In the Land of Women, and the critically acclaimed Into the Wild.

But that is about to change- as she leads a pack of promising young talents in this year’s most anticipated movie- Twilight.

Says the actress on her role as Bella:

” I feel like she is a generally relatable character, you know, it’s like in the beginning of the story it’s not her choice to go to Forks, but really she HAS no other choice, it’s like, “Well, i don’t want to be on the road with my mom’s boyfriend”. I think what makes the love story so effective is that she doesn’t have any real connections with people, she’s bored and displaced. She is easily related to by most kids that age, and not just girls, but mainly because it’s…she doesn’t have…People really like her, she’s good hearted. She’s honest, she’s friendly, but she’s not really interested in other people, it’s sort of like she’s not an introvert but nothing dazzl… i can’t believe i actually just said the word dazzles! “

Nikki Reed

Outspoken on issues she feels strongly about, Nikki Reed is not only an actress but also a screenwriter. Together with filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke, Reed wrote the screenplay for the award-winning film entitled Thirteen. Together they finished the script for the semi-biographical film in six days, an incredibly fast time for a Hollywood script to be written in. Producers asked Reed to play a role in the film because they had trouble casting it, considering it an “uncomfortable” role for most young actresses. The film, starring Evan Rachel Wood, was released in 2003 to glowing reviews, giving Reed recognition in Hollywood as both an actress and a screenwriter.

Scott Lyle Cohen, reviews the film:

Reed’s involvement makes Thirteen the grittiest, most honest portrait of teendom since Larry Clark’s Kids (1995). She reveals, as only an insider could, the idiom and body language specific to the adolescents who hang out in the parking lots, malls and streets in every town across America. “Most teen movies,” says Reed, “are fantasies, like The Princess Diaries [2001]. But my movie is coming from a completely different angle, which is truth. This is what really happens.” And as tough as Thirteen is to watch at times, it’s impossible to turn away.

Reed also appeared in several films, including Lords of Dogtown and Mini’s First Time. She will also portray Rosalie Hale in the upcoming film adaptation of the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

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